What is a Root Canal?

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You’ve likely heard of a root canal before – they’re usually associated with stories of how uncomfortable they are to undergo – but not many people actually know what’s involved in the root canal process.

In order to help you stay informed, our team here at Lifetime Dentistry decided to put together this piece that details what Dr. Holly Krystek does when performing a root canal.

What is it?

A root canal is a dental procedure designed to save a tooth that’s either dead, dying, or suffering from a severe infection. Inside your tooth, there’s a bundle of nerves and blood vessels called the pulp. This is the living part of your tooth. If it dies or becomes infected, your tooth can become brittle. However, if the decaying pulp is caught early enough, the tooth itself can be saved and topped with a crown, removing the need for an implant.

How does it work?

Dr. Holly Krystek will grind the top of your tooth off and remove the infected pieces of pulp. Then, your tooth will be smoothed out and a crown placed on top of it to restore the tooth’s natural appearance, shape, and function. A root canal is performed with some sort of anesthetic, depending on your pain tolerance and level of dental anxiety.

Root canals are only performed when absolutely necessary. If you’re concerned about the health of a specific tooth in your mouth, call us today at 563-263-9082 to schedule a consultation appointment.