Using a Crown for the Cosmetic Restoration of a Tooth

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An imperfect tooth can leave you feeling self-conscious in social situations. In many cases, people will turn to Lifetime Dentistry to explore their cosmetic restoration options.

If you talk to our team about improving your smile, your dentist will first examine the tooth to assess its overall health. If it’s possible, your dentist will restore your tooth with a dental crown in Muscatine, Iowa.

To begin, Dr. Holly Krystek will create an abutment by removing the majority of the tooth’s enamel layer. Later, this abutment will anchor your new crown into place.

An impression will then be made of the abutment and nearby teeth. This impression will be sent to our professional dental lab, which is where your permanent crown will be created. A temporary crown is then cemented over the abutment to keep it safe while you wait for the dental lab to complete your new crown.

When our dental lab has completed your permanent crown, our Lifetime Dentistry team will call you to schedule a brief second appointment. During this appointment, the temporary crown will be removed and your new permanent crown will be cemented into place.

If one or more of your teeth needs cosmetic restoration, you should all Lifetime Dentistry at 563-263-9082 to schedule an appointment.