Sugar and Your Smile This Holiday Season

With the holidays close at hand, it is common to have a number of opportunities for sweet treats and acidic drinks (such as punch, fruit juice or cider, and alcohol). While these goodies can be fun on occasion, they can also be damaging to your teeth and gums. Sugar is actually really dangerous to your smile, though the effects are... read more »

Mouth Care for Busy People

It’s easy to let our lives get a little too busy for comfort. When this happens, little things start to slide. Oral hygiene, however, is no small thing! Here are some basics to remember as you keep up with basic mouth health habits. Brush: Remember to brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Try setting a timer if... read more »

Avoid Oral Accidents This Holiday Season

With the seasonal celebrations come in full swing, Lifetime Dentistry would like to wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday. While enjoying the festivities and activities, you can avoid oral accidents this with mindfulness to protect your teeth and gums. Take a moment to review the following questions to better prepare yourself for any risks that may present... read more »

Take the Time to Invisalign®

Many of us live busy lives, with busy schedules, and hectic errands all over the place. However, not matter how overwhelmed your life may get, never stop maintaining proper oral health care. Luckily, if you are in need of a tooth alignment, but don’t want to spend hours on end trying to clean the hard to reach places between the... read more »

10 Things You May Be Doing Wrong When Brushing

Have you ever felt like no matter how often you brush, you still cannot seem to win the fight against plaque formation and tooth decay? Unfortunately, it is not enough to simply apply toothpaste to your teeth; proper techniques must also be employed to ensure the products can effectively do their jobs on the entirety of each tooth’s surface. For... read more »