Lifetime Dentistry uses the advanced DEXIS CariVu™ cavity detection system to quickly diagnose and treat cavities before they can cause damage to your teeth and smile. This advanced cavity detection technology enables our dentist to detect tooth decay in the earliest stages of development. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Holly Krystek and learn more about CariVu cavity detection in Muscatine, Iowa, contact us today at 563-263-9082.

Most dental offices use X-ray imaging to detect cavities. However, advances in dental technology now allow us to use near infrared light instead of radiation to diagnose tooth decay, giving you a treatment that is safer and more effective. The near infrared light used by the CariVu system causes your natural tooth structure to appear transparent while any cavities appear dark and are clearly visible – even cavities that are just beginning to form! The images captured by CariVu allow us to see easily into the structure of your tooth to make a fast and highly accurate diagnosis.

Benefits of CariVu technology include:

  • More clear views of each individual tooth
  • The ability to see the exact location, size and depth of any cavities
  • More precise treatments
  • A safer imaging system for children, pregnant women and those who are adverse to X-rays
  • A quick and comfortable imaging process

For more information about CariVu cavity detection and to schedule your appointment with our caring dentist, please contact our office today.